The architect’s home within reach

The architect’s home within reach

THEBEAM is an ingenious new assembly system with a clear objective: Give discerning clients the opportunity to own architecturally striking residential units that are in line with their vision, budget, and aesthetic.

Using standardized thermal insulating materials, a simple assembly process, and the touch of a brilliant architect, THEBEAM reinvents traditional building unit construction methods.

THEBEAM assembly system

Saves money

Quick and easy assembly by hand requiring no heavy equipment or qualified labor. We provide complete assembly plans.

Saves energy

Materials with superior thermal properties and insulation values of up to R50, or double North American standards.

An architect’s touch

Building units designed by seasoned architect Benoit Lessard.

The keystone of the THEBEAM assembly system is an ultralight engineered thermal beam with exceptional insulating properties. It is combined with a light and easy-to-assemble laminated structural system composed of cutting-edge materials.

The THEBEAM offering

Using an innovative assembly system developed by the experienced architects and engineers on the THEBEAM team, two people can build a home with no heavy equipment.

THEBEAM housing units are manufactured at our Saint-Raymond plant near Quebec City and delivered by shipping container. One THEBEAM building unit includes the thermal envelope, siding, doors, and windows. The container also includes the unit architectural plan and assembly plan.

THEBEAM’S pillars


With its revolutionary assembly system and bold architectural design statement, THEBEAM has positioned itself as an industry leader.


Every home designed by THEBEAM is an architectural gem. With a finger on the market pulse, THEBEAM creates living spaces with definitive styling and enhanced design appeal.

Within reach

THEBEAM makes dreams a reality. With its high-efficiency assembly process, THEBEAM allows buyers to purchase building units that meet their wants and needs.

Unit 1

Unit 2

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